How To Stand

How To Stand

A perfect boxing stance is crucial for anybody who wants to learn how to fight. the right stance will allow you to throw the proper punch with the right amount of leverage for that punch to be effective.


If you are a right-handed fighter or Orthodox fighter as they say in the fight game you must first stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your lead foot, in this case, your left foot must be turned at a 45-degree angle towards the right. If you are a left-handed or southpaw you will do the same thing but point your toes at a 45-degree angle to the left. once your front foot is in the right position you must then take your back foot lift your heel to be on the balls of your feet. This will allow you to move in the direction that you would like to move creating a fluid motion whether you want to go forward, backward or side to side.


Once you are on the balls of your feet check to see that your knees are partially bent and not locked, again this will allow you to move more easily. To check if your stance is correct with your weight put all of your weight on your lead leg press firmly on the ground to make sure you are firm and balanced, now push off your lead leg without lifting your foot to the center your weight and balance should feel intact try this a few times and you should get a bounce going back and forth from the center to the front, from the front to the center.


Now that you have your feet in the right position, the placement of your hands is just as important.  Your hands will be what you will defend yourself with, be it by blocking, or punching. Take both of your arms and lift them above your jawline forming an L shape. Your elbows and hips should align. Your left hand which will be used for jabbing, hooks, and uppercuts should be in front about 6-8 inches from your face. Your right hand which will be used to throw a straight right hand and uppercuts should be placed by above your jaw no more than two inches away. This will protect your jaw from getting hit as you will be in a better position to block any incoming punches. While in this position you will notice that your hands are half open. This is ok as your hands do not always have to be in a clenched fist, a clenched fist will be used when blocking and punching or to make your body stiff when absorbing a shot.


Last you will want to tuck your chin in with your eyes looking up. Imagine if you had to hold a tennis ball under your chin to get the proper tuck. This will ensure your chin is less exposed and better protected from your opponent.

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