How To Fight – How To Throw a Jab


The purpose of the jab serves many functions. It is used to defend, attack, and measure to keep your self in striking distance. If you are to close you smoother your punches and they won’t have any effect on your opponent. If you’re too far you will miss wildly leaving yourself open to get counter punched which won’t be good for your confidence.

How to throw it

In order to throw the correct Jab, you must first be in your boing stance like we covered in the first lesson. From your stance will come the Jab.

When in your fighting position take your front leg giving a slight step forward, as you step rotate your hips to the right, if done properly your right elbow will move away from your body, while your left hand/Jab will also be moving away from your body towards your target, and your left knee should be turning in towards the ground as well.

Do this motion slow and fell the rotation as your body moves as one to throw the left jab. As you throw the jab turn your fist in a corkscrew-like motion this will ensure that anything you punch will be caught at the end of your knuckles for maximum impact.

Once you get the motion right be sure to keep your chin down and move your head a few inches to the right when you punch. This is done in order to avoid be hit by the other person’s jab or right hand.

Once you get the feel for the Jab simply bring the punch back to your original fighting position. Continue to practice your Jab or as is known in the Gym as your One.

Pro Tip: However fast you throw your Jab it should come back to its original position just as fast. Do this correctly as fast as you can and you will quickly learn to throw the Jab like a seasoned pro.

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