How To Fight – How To Throw A Left Hook



The left hook of the 3 as it is often referred to can the third punch one throws after throwing the right hand, the left hook, however, can come from a number of angles, it can be thrown as a single punch to the jaw as a lead left hook what is called din boxing a check left hook, if you catch your opponent unaware it can cause considerable damage even knocking him out, if your opponent is aware and blocks it then you know he is present so you check him with the left hook hence the name check left hook.

The left can also be a counter punch, a body shot, or thrown in a combination with the one-two.

Now how do you throw the left hook?

Because every punch sets up the next the proper way to throw the left hook is similar in how to throw the other punches, however when throwing the left hook, you must take a small step forward from your boxing stance plant you foot to bring your weight to the front leg, you do this by turning stepping first with your front leg and turning your right knee in towards the ground, with your core turning as well, keep your right hand by your jaw, elbow tucked in, and with your left hand curl it making an L like shape bringing it across your  chest and  turning your hips in the direction of the hook.

If done correctly you should feel yourself in position to throw the next punch either another right hand or uppercut.

Remember to always keep your right hand up, don’t get lazy, keep it up. This can be used to block or counter your opponent’s incoming punch.

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