How To Fight – How To Throw A Straight Right Hand


 After learning to throw the Jab the next punch is the straight right hand. The straight right hand is one of your power punches as well as the hook. As the Jab is known for keeping your opponent away from you, your right hand is mostly used when you want to hurt your opponent or be more aggressive than just keeping them away with a jab.

Because in boxing every punch sets up the next one it is important to always be in the right position when throwing a punch or moving to keep from getting hit.

There are two ways to throw the right hand and each one serves its own purpose. First is to throw the right hand after you throw the Jab. What is called in boxing the classic one-two punch combination or a two piece which is slang for a one-two combo.

The second way is what is known as a lead right hand, which is instead of first throwing your jab with a right hand behind it you simply lead with a straight right hand. Ali was famous for leading with his right. In order to throw a lead right hand or lead left hand if you are a southpaw, one must be fast with the right hand because if you miss you will leave yourself open to be set up with a counter punch. For this reason, it is always best to lead with your jab then a straight right.

How To Throw It

From your fighting position you will take a slight step forward with your lead leg just like the step you took when throwing your jab, but this time you will turn your hips to the left with, your left elbow coming in towards your rib cage and your right hand going out towards your target. Just like the jab, whatever you hit should catch the end of your knuckles. And like the jab you should be turning your head a few inches to the left with your chin down to avoid your opponent’s right hand.

Practice this a few times, once you get the hang of it, like your jab or any punch for that matter the speed at which you throw it out, should match the speed it comes back into your original fighting position.

Once you understand how to throw the right-hand practice throwing it as fast as you can and bringing it back just as fast, this will ensure that you can throw a right straight right hand like a pro.

Now combine the jab and the right hand and practice your one-two!

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