How To Fight – How To Throw An Uppercut


The uppercut is one of the fewest punches throw-in in a mostly because of its difficulty, you must be close enough to your opponent to strike and because the punch can be seen it can be quickly avoided however the seasoned pro can mask his punches to throw an uppercut that won’t be seen from under.

How to throw it

In order to throw the uppercut like many of the other punches, we have gone over your feet must be properly planted on the ground and it must be thrown in one motion ready to get back to your original fighting stance or being able to move or slip a punch.

From your fighting stance you will take a slight step forward with your lead leg, if you are an orthodox fighter or right-handed fighter this will be with your left leg if you are a southpaw or lefthander this will be with your right leg. As you step with your left leg and plan your foot you then take your right hand bringing it to your midsection, and while taking a small step forward for leverage with your right foot bring the end of your knuckles in a 90-degree angle towards the ceiling.

Once you get the motion of this you will feel yourself in position to either come back to your original fighting position or being evenly balanced to move after the punch or throw a left hook after the uppercut.

Now that you have learned how to throw the Jab, Straight Right hand, left hook and uppercut, combine the four punches in a one-two-three-four combination back to your original position.


You have just learned the first four punches from which all of your moves will come from. Congratulations!

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