The First Mexican Boxing Champion Ever

Jesus Perez Flores (Battling Shaw)


Battling Shaw or Jesus Perez Flores as was his birth was born October 21, 1910, in Laredo, TX during the depression era, and like many young men his age finding work was a challenge. As a means to earn a wage, Battling shined shoes, delivered newspapers, and worked the soda fountain at a local drug store.

A Bit Of Luck

It was at the soda fountain where he would meet the man that would change his life forever. His name? Carlos Garcia, a professional fighter from Mexico (who himself would go on to have over a hundred fights during his tenure). After meeting Carlos, Battling accompanied him to the gym where he would train and learn to fight.

His first match came as a bit of a surprise after one of the fighters he traveled with on the way to a match in San Antonio got sick and was unable to compete. Seizing the opportunity Battling replaced the fighter and took the fight. His style of fighting was like that of Rocky Balboa, able to dish out punishment as well as take it. The people loved him for his fan friendly style.

After his first fight, Shaw would continue to travel from Laredo to San Antonio to take on his opposition. He had a lot of success when fighting in South Texas, but he wanted more so he began to take fights in Detroit, Los Angeles, and Mexico making quite a name for himself.

The Plan

It wasn’t until he got wind that a fighter who he had already defeated was making waves in New Orleans. He thought, surely he could beat him again and capitalize on the glory. Feeling opportunity knocking he immediately made his way to New Orleans and signed with manager Emile Bruneau, and would stay with him for the rest of his career. Emile then set up a rematch with Ray Kiser, a fighter who Shaw had already beaten but at the time was the gatekeeper to get to Jaddick. The goal was to beat Kiser for the second time and get a shot at the light welterweight champ, Johnny Jaddick.

Things didn’t go according to plan and Battling lost that fight, however, his performance was so impressive that the fans wanted more and they got it.

On February 20, 1933, Battling Shaw got what he was looking for, a chance to fight the champ and Philadelphia native Johnny Jaddick for the World Light Welterweight belt. The fight took place at the New Orleans Coliseum Arena in front of an energized crowd of 3,000.

Before the fight, Jaddick was highly esteemed by the press for his boxing pedigree and the critics were sure he would add an easy win to his resume. As they suspected the early rounds proved the critics right as Jaddick would catch Shaw with multiple right hands depleting any hopes of a Shaw upset. However, Shaw kept putting water in the basement and formulated an unrelenting attack to the body and punched his way to victory in a 10 round unanimous decision, crowing him the first Mexican to ever hold a world boxing championship belt.



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  1. He was a Mexican American from Laredo, Texas. After retiring from the ring, he became a Police Officer in his hometown. In 1969, I joined the Laredo Police Department and had the Honor of working Jthe Beat along side the Champ, great officer and a gentleman! RIP Champ👌

    1. Hi Mr. Garza,

      that’s amazing I’ve been trying to find somebody who maybe knew him in person.
      Do you live in Laredo?

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